“It was when I stopped searching for home within others, that I lifted the foundations of home within myself”- Rupi Kaur


Hello! My name Angelica Olivo, I am just a girl trying to learn to love herself, keep a positive mindset, and live a healthier lifestyle.

I have been contemplating for a while about sharing my inner struggle with my confidence and loving my body. I was recently inspired to write blog after realizing I was depressed and was dealing with body image issues. I started to notice I found more negative things about myself than positive ones. Growing up I always struggled with my weight, I will always feel anxious whenever I had to get dressed for a family gathering or attend pool parties with my friends. I still cry every time I go shopping. There are times were I do not go out because I do not feel my body meets society’s standards and I feel like everyone is commenting about my weight. This is why I decided to take on this journey to not only find true self acceptance, and confidence, but to help others who are struggling with accepting their physical appearance and reaching a level of inner self appreciation.

My blog is for people who have been struggling with self-confidence, and need assistance with living a healthy lifestyle. I will be posting inspirational quotes, daily workouts, and meal plans. As a launch my blog I will be starting this journey and sharing my day-by-day challenges to reach my ultimate goal which is learning to love/accept myself.

My mission everyday is to share my journey and inspire people to step up and overcome the obstacles that is stopping them from living a healthier lifestyle. I want people to stop looking at themselves negatively and see the great attributes people have, and what makes them special. I want everyone to rebel and start his or her own personal revolution. That sometimes the path may not be easy, but great things come for those who work hard for it.


Fun Facts

CURRENT OBSESSIONS: Macaroons, Kendrick Lamar’s new album, and finding multiple DIY on pinterest.

STYLE DIRECTION: all black everything. A mixture of Kim k and a lead guitarist in a metal band.

HEROES AND IDOLS: Beyoncé, Ashley Graham, Michelle Obama, Frida Kahlo and Angela Davis.

REGULAR HAPPINESS PRACTICES:  Working out, dancing, car karaoke, hanging out with family

FAVORITE SONGS: Slide by Calvin Harris, Bambi by Jidenna, and Goosebumps Travis scott.

FAVORITE PLACES: New York, Miami, and the Cayman islands.

FAVORITE STORES: Forever 21 (basic I know), fashion nova, and Charlotte Russe.

FAVORITE FOOD: Sushi, Wings, and macaroons.

FAVORITE ARTIST: Amy Winehouse, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Kanye west, J.Cole and Flume.