Day three: 

Good afternoon my beautiful people! I hope everyone is having an amazing hump day.  Today has been a little difficult for me. My anxiety since I moved to Miami has been insane. I don’t know if it is because I haven’t start working or I do not have any homework. Maybe I feel like I am way too free? I do not know. So I am sharing my experience at the gym. Today my boyfriend and I walked inside L.A fitness and it was pack… like always.  My boyfriend was pacing around tying to find machines that were open, and would ask people if they were using some weights. The people were so rude for some reason I started getting extemely anxious and feeling like everyone was staring. So I suddenly started feeling like I was having a panick attack I was describing to my BF I didn’t understand why I was feeling so overwhelmed.  It was so weird. A part of me really to just wanted to leave and give up, but I didn’t. I went to the cardio room and ran two miles. After I decided to have an isolated workout in the workout studio. The moral of the story is do not let people intimidate you. What I learned was you may not look like all these people around you, but we have to keep in mind this is just the beginning of our journey. Those people who are already at their goal started the journey a long time ago. Everyone starts somewhere. So lets keep kicking assss!!! 

Here are some tips I found to help reduce anxiety💖  

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