Facing My Fear:

Today I finally decided to post my current progress picture and my goal picture of what I want to get back to. I honestly been avoiding this post, but Bryan said it is important to face my biggest insecurities in order to be transparent to my reader and myself. I always look at old pictures of me and self shame myself about my weight. I won’t deny this is the most I have been over weight ever. While taking my current photo I honestly hated myself. I keep telling my self how fat and ugly I am. After comparing my current photo with my old photo I cried. I honestly can not look at myself in the mirror the way I am. But then I stop took a deep breath and told myself “work hard and you will get there, these things take time.” I keep trying to not be discouraged and keep working because I will get there. a couple weeks from now I will be there and when I do, it will be all worth it. I will grab my body an embrace it today. My goal for today is to not say anyone negative thoughts about me body andย remain positive! LET’S KEEP MOVING!ย 


11 thoughts on “Facing My Fear:

  1. clowt says:

    are you a wonderfull wooman, i hope to see you soon, i really miss you and look how big you are you really grow up jajajaja

    lets facing our fears.. we need more people like you in this world….. +10/10


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