Major keys for building confidence at the Gym:


One of my biggest struggles with this journey is confidence, and feeling comfortable in what I am wearing out or to the gym. I feel like one of the major concerns for women specially, is finding ways to feel more comfortable at the gym. It could be from finding the perfect shirt, leggings, and hairstyle to even attending to the right gym. Personally when I started attending the gym I herd different reviews about different types of people who go to certain gyms. Do not quote me on this but gyms like La fitness apparently is known to have the most intimidated crowd of body builders and fitness “models”, which in my opinion is sort of true in a way. At Planet Fitness you get the older crowed and not so fit crowd, and YouFit is sort of in the middle when it comes to the crowd attending the gym. I have been a member of all these gyms and honestly never felt that way. Every time I start going to the gym I am always intimidated at first. To get to the free weight area specially. I figured “GET IN THERE” who cares what anyone says everyone started somewhere. I know it is hard to feel confident at the gym, especially with a lot of people around that have reached their goal. No matter where you go you will always get the “new kid” feeling. The truth is if you feel too uncomfortable you might rush your workout, not focus on your muscles or even worse…just leave. This is why picking the perfect gym for you is very important. In my opinion I love LA fitness they have tons of free weights, and strength training machines, as well as cardio. I also like the fact that the studio is open for gym guest when there are n fitness classes. Overall I think it is very important to feel comfortable, confident and happy at the gym so…



Here are some tips on how to feel more confident at the gym!


  1. DO NOT LISTEN to others do your research and choose the gym that BEST FITS YOU!!!

    (This may require a little research. Which is fine many gyms offer free tours)


  1. Choose or create a killer playlist. (ITunes & Spotify  actually have workout tabs with tons of playlist)   Ps: My favorite one from Spotify for lifting is BEAST MODE & PUMPIN IRON. For cardio I love HIIT-Pop & workout twerk-out.IMG_7241


  1. Get a gym buddy (This is optional)FullSizeRender.jpg-1


  1. Pre-plan your workouts.

(This helps a lot, so when you go to the gym you are not just pacing around. Which makes you lose focus or build anxiety like me)


  1. While working out think about your goal, and how BAD you want to get there!IMG_7237


  1. Focus on your WORKOUT and no one else around you!IMG_7234


  1. Wear comfortable attire!

(Even if it is a big t-shirt and leggings or basketball shorts and a tank)

-Who cares what people think about what you are wearing, you are sweating and getting right! are they if they are focusing on your attire?

-Girls do not wear make up? It is actually bad for your skin when you sweat.



Hope these tips help you as much as they help me! Remember, “If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel you good you do good”


Comment below for more tips or any thoughts

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