Soak Up the Sun While Being Healthy this Memorial Day:

It’s Memorial Day! Tomorrow and I know a lot of us are struggling with the temptation to sneak a little hot dog or two! We use the excuse being out in the sun or at the beach to get some ice cream! Lets stick to the goal! And stay focused towards our finish line!



Here are some ways you can remain being healthy and enjoy your Memorial Day:

1.Stay Hydrated: first thing first ….water! We need to stay hydrated, the summer heat can be very dangerous. We are also sweating more than usual. You can buy a gallon of water at publix for 69 cents, or go to Aldis and buy a 12-24 case of water for under $3.

2.Workout: Try and get a quick workout in the morning. This will make you feel more energized, and confident to be in those cute swim trunks or bikini.  It could be something like 20 minute cardio or a fitness class.

3.Breakfast: It is very important to eat breakfast. I know a lot of people do not eat anything before the beach/pool to feel skinnier. That is not good when the sun in going to be beaming at you. Also you SHOULD NOT BE SKIPPING ANY MEALS. Make something light, like Greek yogurt and fruit, or hard boiled eggs with some greens.

4.Plan: when it comes to food, if you are a big baller and want to eat out. Make sure you eat something low in carbs and low in fat. A lot of restaurants have salads with protein, or you can order your protein with some veggies. If you like to save like me! I recommend tuna salad or pack a salad with chicken to eat.

5.Snacks: we know how crucial snacks can be at the beach! So bring some fruits, or veggies with (healthy) dipping sauces or some nuts like almonds, peanuts, etc. I know it sounds annoying but it really isn’t, you can bring a small cooler pack your food, and drinks.

***Here are some food or snacks to avoid to prevent bloat at the beach: 



6. Alcohol: Let’s start of with the Disclaimer  that alcohol Is NOT HEALTHY but I know that many of us like a cool drink in our hand while soaking in the sun. So here are some KETO friendly healthier choices you can make. special-banner_alcohol-cheat-sheet


7. Sunscreen: Make sure to protect your skin. Make sure you read the SPF and are responsible to apply more when it is time.


Hope these help you enjoy a guilt-free MEMORIAL DAY!!



Please comment below any questions or comments: 




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