The Year of 23:

img_7305.jpgMoving from Orlando has been quite a ride. It was easier to move to Orlando than to move back home. Transitioning from college life to adulthood has definitely been a struggle. I moved to Miami hoping for things to work out instantly. I came with nothing but with an idea of what I was going to do. Today I turn 23, If you asked me if my 16 year old-self imagined me at 23 like this I would have to say a definite no. I thought I would be graduated (which I am) making crazy amount of money (which I am not) or getting ready to attend law-school in the fall (which I am not). I had many plan drawn out with a timeline of how things were suppose to happen. I am 23, I do not have my ideal job, and I wont be attending law school until 2018 but I am healthy, I have a family, and I am stable. As I am going through this tradition I am not just focusing on the forrest of my whole life but the trees. Spending more time with my family and friends, I am studying for the LSAT, I am focusing on picking the right law school for me, I am learning to love myself, and also get back to my ideal weight. I am trying to be happy and love my life. I am trying to build the foundation of my future, by taking baby steps. If that means failing or falling, I will try again and get back up. I struggle with accepting that things did not go as plan but hope they eventually will fall into place. 23 will be the age where I wont let my mind control my feature, the year where my determination and hard work bring it what I want. This might be the where I start adulthood, but is also the year where I begin to live. So if I had to tell my 16 year old self one word it would be “patience” because everything has its time and place. Things happen for a reason, and time will tell what is meant to be. Who knows what 23 may hold, but I am ready for it.


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