My Bonnaroo Experience!

IMG_7602I have been gone for a week I am so so sorry! But I was at Bonnaroo the most amazing festival yet! Bonnaroo was definitely a unique experience. Not only it was my first time camping ever, it was also my first time at Bonnaroo. I have been attending festivals since I was sixteen and I never met such nice people like I have at Roo! Everyone loves it and is just such good vibes everywhere. There’s like this Woodstock hippi aura lingering in the air. If you really love music and raging you deff need to check it out!


So lets get to business “ how did I remain healthy at Bonnaroo” well I didn’t haha! We camped for 6 days! The first 3 days we were having greek yogurt an hard boiled eggs for breakfast, healthy snacks through out the day and turkey BLT wraps for dinner. It was extremely hard to remain not hungry we were out in the sun volunteering and doing a lot of labor. Also it was breaking our wallets! We also got meal tokens for working and it sucked nothing was healthy so we decided we needed to get kicked out of keto to survive. Yes I did feel guilty for the most part since I have been working hard for three weeks but it is time to get back to work.


My best advice for camping at a festival is save separate money for food and showers! If you want to remain healthy since it was $15 for a salad. Sneak in alcohol for sure unless you want to pay $15 for a cocktail. Be super prepared when packing for sure! We were a little unprepared. Make sure you are ready to walk miles so comfy shoes! Overall Bonnaroo is my fave festival yet! And I will be back next year!


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