Why you should.. “JUST SQUAT BRO”

One exercise that I seen done improperly the most is squatting. This exercise is also one of the  MOST BENEFICIAL exercises for your body. There are multiple health benefits that you can gain from squatting. Most people assume that squatting is for people who are focusing on strength training…yes this is partially true, but people who also want to loose weight could use this exercise to their advantage. Even though that squatting is considered by many to be a “leg” exercise, it’s really a full body movement that works just every muscle group in the body.

Lets begin and address the main question WHY SQUAT? 

1.   Builds Muscle in Your Entire Body

2.   Functional Exercise Makes Real-Life Activities Easier

3.   Burn More Fat

4.   Maintain Mobility and Balance

5.   Prevent Injuries

6.   Boost Your Sports Performance — Jump Higher and Run  Faster

7.   Tone Your Backside, Abs and Entire Body

8.   Help with Waste Removal.

****For further info on these 8 benefits visit http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2012/05/25/darin-steen-demonstrates-the-perfect-squat.aspx

 Since squats are considered a “compound movement”  the movement itself uses different muscles and more than one joint in order to be completed. Despite of the excuses, and fear of hurting your knees by using moderate weight squats could actually be good for your knees.

Second important question is HOW TO SQUAT! 

In order to have a technical explanation from experts here is a step by step from stronglifts.com




Watch where you place the bar when it comes to your spine and neck. Make sure you place the barbell right at the base of the neck across the top of your traps. Make sure you squeeze your back so not all the weight is on your spine and neck.


Also be very careful with your foot stance! VERY IMPORTANT you can hurt your knees if you don’t position your feet right. I HATE HATE! When I see PEOPLE WIDE STANCE!  My knees literall hurt as I watch! 


I know for most people squatting could be intimating, specially for those who are afraid to enter the free weight area. NO WORRIES!!!  there a multiple ways you can perform a squat without needing to enter the dreading free weight area

Here are some different ways to squat! with or without weights!



If this article was helpful or you have any questions COMMENT BELOW!!  🙂 

Here some funny Squat Memes 😛


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