The Weigh In:



Hello wonderful people! so it’s been a month since I started my fitness journey. I have been working my butt off at the gym and made eating healthy a lifestyle rather than a diet.  It has been a tough month specially when it comes to seeing results. I am very impatient when it comes to gains. There’s been days where I honestly do not see a difference in my body, and there are other days when I can clearly see my body changing.

I decided to weigh my self every two weeks: So here is a break down

My start weight was 194 lbs which is something I am still embarrassed about, but like I mentioned in the facing my fear post I am trying to be as transparent as possible with you guys so I can truly open up myself as a person to you guys. This will help others who are struggling with taking the first step in their fitness journey.  Yes I almost weigh 200 lbs, I did not look like it, but I did my body fat was very high.


The first two weeks: I went from 194 to 189 lbs.  A lot of people where telling me that was a lot of weight for two weeks. But the keto diet works wonders when it comes to burning fat.  My self-esteem wasn’t still as high as I would like. I was still struggling with wearing certain clothes and feeling happy with my self.  I was not seeing any changes in my body so I was feeing discourage but decided to push through it.


The second two weeks: This is the half of the month I started seeing changes. Certain clothes started feeling looser.  I went from 189-183 lbs. that is 6 lbs in two weeks.  I do feel happier with my self but I still have 20lbs to go. I do feel like this is when I have to work harder and stay focused. This is the first time the scale has shown me improvements when it come to fitness. I have to keep being in ketosys and still kill it at the gym so I don’t Plato.


How did I do it?

Four-Six Days 25-35 minutes of strength training.  With enough weight to make me sweat and pump blood as I’m doing the reps slow and steady for full effect.

Four-Six Days 20 minutes of cardio: the elliptical, stair master, or treadmill. I highly suggest interval training…BREAK A SWEAT!

Every other day 20 minutes of HIIT: there’s plenty of examples on my workout tab.

MOST IMPORTANTLY:  following the keto diet. The Keto diet is a very strict diet. It has been tough some days but it has been working wonders for me I highly suggest it if you have self control.  If you do not want to do the Keto diet I suggest eating clean and making it a lifestyle.

If you do not want to do a diet just eliminate desserts, sugars, soda, and alcohol for 10 days with 30 minute exercise and you will see a difference!




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