Why Cheat Days Are The Devil!



What’s up my fitness beast!

I’m here to ruin one of the most looked forward days of every fitness junkies life! CHEAT DAYS. Eating healthy, getting fit, or loosing weight could be a very difficult task, specially when it comes to being strict with your diet. We all know willpower and dedication are the key. Which most of us LACK!


Since I stated my journey many people have been asking me questions how do I stay in Keto or healthy when I go out with friends and family. It’s simple I stay committed to my goal. It’s best to look at eating healthy as a lifestyle not a diet, like I have mentioned before.

Point black period! CHEATING IS BAD no matter how you slice it.

We do not cheat on our spouses
We do not cheat on test
We do not cheat in sports

So why should we cheat on ourselves? Specially why cheat on our diet?

Many of us eat healthy for a week, straight veggies and lean meat. By the end of the week we are anxious for a cheat day! But sometimes this precious day could potentionally harm us from reaching our goal.When it comes to cheat meals is all about calorie deficit. What does that mean? with weight loss is always calories in versus calories out. It is important we track what we eat! special when you plan to cheat! (USE MY FITNESSPAL)


This backs up the fact why cheat days are bad for you. Let’s say for example, you are suppose to eat 1,500 calories a day,  in order to meet your calorie goal a week.  If you decide to have a cheat meal you are more likely to go over your calorie goals for the week ….you might not think it is possible so lets break it down.

1,500 calories a day x 7 days a week=10,500  calories a week you should be having! (eww math I know sorrrrry)

Cheat Meal Breakdown:

Breakfast :2x2x2 Ihop meal 626 Calories 

Lunch: Chipotle Bowl

Brown Rice: 200 cal 4oz (if they even measure it right they might put more)

Black Beans: 120 cal 4oz

Chicken: 180 cal oz

Cheese: 1 oz 100 cal

Sour Cream: 2 oz 115 cal

Guacamole 3.5 oz 200 cal

Total Lunch Calories: 815 Calories

**** I know what you are thinking… some of these things are good for you! YES they are but moderately since eating healthy is all about moderation.

Dinner:  Olive garden soup and salad just so  because you are  feeling healthier.

Two breadsticks: 140×2=280 cal

Salad: 2 cups 150 cal

Dressing  2 tbsp 80 cal

Minestrone One Bowl: 110 Cal

*** This is not counting how many other cups of salad or soup you may have.

Dessert: Olive Garden

Chocolate Moose Cake 370 cal one slice

     Total Dinner Cal: 855 cal


Your total calories for the day would be: 2,296 calories almost two days worth of calories. That is not counting alcohol  for all you weekend warriors.  For the weekend warriors who have two cheat days because is the weekend thats 4, 592 calories if you have similar meals. Let’s also keep in mind that one pound is 3,500 calories. You would need to burn double the calories a week and eat less calories a day which is not healthy depending on body type.


Not saying there are no days you cannot treat your self, but I highly suggest cheat meals “treat meals” every three days if you really feel like you are depriving yourself. I have been doing two cheat meals a month. With the help of one halo top ice cream maybe every other week.

Here are some healthy eating rules that could help you prevent cheat days:

  1. Stop looking at cheat days as rewards! because then you feel entitled to a reward every time you work out or loose a pound.
  2. The right balance of micro and macro-nutrients (and liquids) is what will enable your body to get through an intense diet. If you lack nutrition you can’t lose weight in a healthy way.
  3. You need to eat frequent and small meals. This prevents too many calories from being stored as fat and keeps metabolism up.
  4. Mix cardio and weight lifting, but make sure to give your muscles time to heal (i.e. cheat days for working out)




In the end CHEAT DAYS are NOT a GOOD choice and can set you back heavy from your goal. It is good to have Cheat Meals in moderation and keeping in mind calories in and calories out, but don’t use Cheat Meals an excuse to binge eat or fall out of good habits, Because in the end  YOU ARE ONLY CHEATING YOURSELF!!!! ..

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