31 Day Plant-Based Power-Up

Hello everyone! 

I am writing this article today not to necessarily endorse the Fit & Thick brand but to share with you this new challenge I am taking on. For the next 5 Weeks starting July 31st I will be starting a plant 🌱based diet! Basically this means I will be vegan no animal products. I have been pescatarian before for 6 months, but never fully vegan. The reason I decided to take on this challenge mainly to help my journey to reach my goal weight and also be more clean when it comes to eating.When you are able to have certain foods it is much easier to get out of control with portioning. Also I work better under constraints and restrictions of what to eat. 500 women are joining this challenge me, we have a Facebook group that is going to be helping us connect and support each other through out the 5 weeks. WHICH IS GREAT! 

Nicole Mejía the creator of Fit&Thick did a wonderful in making it affordable for just $10. She is giving us a weekly menu of what to eat and a pantry weekly list with and e-book that explains everything in detail! Which gives me no reason to cheat since I should have everything planned out. Also with her app I will be able to have weekly workouts to maximize results.

The questions that you all may be asking why? Simply because I love to challenge myself. Not only is this better for my health, but for the environment and for the animal we constantly harm for food. Starting Monday July 31st I will be posting a before picture and weekly writing an article about my experience. If you would like to see constant updates of my journey FOLLOW MY FITGRAM @SELFLOVE.ANGIE

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