Hey guys! I just want to start of by saying I did not think I was going to survive this week and…… I did! I’ve been a vegan for a full week no cheating or modifications. I think before when I would try and be vegan I just did not have many options when it came to the meals or I did not have to cook so I would end up cheating. What kept me on track definitely would have to be meal prepping. Having planned meals is very important when clean eating in general. whenever I would get hungry I would heat up my meal and continue with my day. If there’s a microwave where you are going THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.



Pros of the week:

– My energy has increased immensely. I do not feel so lethargic how I would with the Keto diet.

– Bowel movements are regular.

– My headaches were bad the first three days now they are rare.

– My skin is clear.

– I feel less bloated after my meals.


302c2fe95e5db9f31d75aa9379fa2043Cons of the week:

– It is difficult to find affordable vegan brands.

– Major stores like Walmart, and Aldis lack vegan options.

Vegan ice cream is gross lmao.

– I am hungry  more often (if you meal plan correctly not too much of an issue)



I have lost 2lbs since the beginning of the week and my belly feels a bit flatter. I want to start sharing my body measurements weekly to see if theirs a difference rather than photos. If the weeks keep going as smooth as the first week I can definitely see myself making it a life style. It is a bit tough going out to eat but there are always alternatives. A lot of restaurants are obtaining a vegan menus. As a vegan waitress I always have options for my guest just simply because I know the struggle of being vegan and going out to eat with people who are not.  It is not impossible to be vegan and enjoy your meals or be a vegan in general, with a little research you won’t even think of the word MEAT!


Here is my favorite recipe of the week off the fit&thick 31 day plant -based power-up:


Here is my favorite circuit of the week in the fit&thick app:


Remember to follow my FITGRAM: @selflove.angie




COMMENT BELOW!!! any vegan restaurants, vegan recipes, or just to share your vegan story.

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