New York State of Mind:

Hey What’s Up hello my dear readers,

I know I’ve been long gone and I apologize I was in NYC taking a little vacay that was MUCH NEEDED! & LET’S NOT SPEAK OF HURRICANE IRMA! SO of course I had to check out some AMAZING and MOST popular Vegan places in NYC. Before we get to all of that,  I have to give you a mini summary of my last two weeks of my Plant-Based Challenge.  I want to start off by saying this has been one of the best challenges I have ever done. The recipes Nicole Mejia and her Team came out with were diverse and pretty easy to make. The grocery shopping was also affordable and if you have any issues they can always find you alternatives. I did not cheat at all through this challenge, but my last two weeks I did not meal prep but I ate at restaurants that were vegan and cooked vegan dishes. I 10/10 RECOMMEND! I know she is working on a new plant-based challenge so make sure if you are interested you tune into the fit and thick IG which is @getfitandthick.   When It comes to results the weight on the scale has maintained. Lately I have been feeling there is no progress maybe I need to up my cardio. but I do feel slimmer since I started and my bowel movements and my skin has been better than before.

NYC was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Not only it is the City that never sleeps which is totally dope, but is super diverse when it comes to vegan restaurants. There is a huge vegan community in the City which made my trip so much easier. So I am going to share my favorite restaurants if any of you who are vegan or non vegan readers will love to try.


BY Chloe:

This restaurant is super Cute, it is in Chelsea which is like a 20 minute train ride from the upper east side.  The decoration is super modern, looks like Betsey Johnson designed it herself. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful.

I had the VEGAN MAC & CHEESE! yes I said mac and most importantly CHEEESE!! It was truly amazing. I thought I would never had Mac & cheese again. I 1000000000% RECOMMEND. It is also one of the most popular Items on its menu.

THE GUAC BURGER was pretty good. The bean taste wasn’t as strong and the guac was super fresh. The patty actually also contained sweet potato.



I give this place 9/10


Chickpea & Olive:

This is a little stand in a little Food Market in Brooklyn called smorgasbord.  It is very underrated by tourist but it is something you should deff check out on a Saturday afternoon if you decide to visit Brooklyn. Also that area very much reminded me of wynwood.

My lunch consisted of:



Loved this place! out of all the Vegan burgers that Ive had this by far was the one that tasted like a real burger the most. The smorgasbord market has crazy food selections that are very interesting and has a breath taking view of Manhattan. VERY DOPE VIEW while eating some yummy food. I give this place 8/10




Champs Dinner:

So this was the best place I went to! EVER! Lol it is in Brooklyn right when you get off the train on Montrose Av. The diner is super eccentric the decor is so 80s. The staff is very friendly also. This place killed all my cravings. Wings, milkshake, cheese, fried “chicken.”

Appetizer:Seitan Wings & Buffalo Cilantro Fries. (The picture does not do the food justice)

Entré: Loaded Cilantro Jalapeño Nachos & Chicken and Waffles! (YES THIS WAS ALLL VEGAN)

If you are ever in Brooklyn make sure you check out champs!! If not… you did not do Brooklyn right! I give this place a 1000000/1000000

Dun•Well Doughnuts:

To be honest I was extremely excited to visit this place, just because my brother works a Dunkin doughnuts and I was craving doughnuts. I definitely hyped this place up waaaayyy too much for myself. I bought 3 doughnuts for $12 🤦🏽‍♀️. The flavor obviously was not the same, to me tasted like bread? But what I really think they could’ve improved on was the icing? I couldn’t really taste the difference in the flavor or dough. I give this place about a 6.5.

Overall, the concrete jungle NEVER disappoints me! I can see myself living here and being completely happy. Despite the train delays and people rushing every where. Of course NYC has it cons but this city will forever be my favorite place in the U.S

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