I know I know I have been literally M.I.Afor about two months. No articles, no workouts, no post. I have been extremely busy studying for the LSAT. Which is probably the most nerve breaking thing you can do. I haven’t been able to workout as frequent, so whenever I can I go. I have two jobs now so it’s kind of been impossible to do anything. I am HIGHLY considering quitting one of them so we shall see. My weight hasn’t increased or decreased I’ve been maintaining but it’s killing me that I’m off my routine. I been thinking about my goal weight and how I lost focused and have not been taking care of myself with everything going on. I’m starting to get back to the dark thoughts about myself and my anxiety attacks have been happening more frequently. I have been eating meat for about two weeks now….
I KNOW! SOOOORY  I felt so sick the first couple of times but I haven’t had time to meal prep and it’S SUPER HARD! To be vegan without time or without meal prepping. Being vegan IS NOT A PLEDGE FOR PERFECTION. I feel bad because I was encouraging so many people to go vegan and  I SCREWED up. Just being real keeping it super a 💯with you guys.  Idk if I’ll be back to being vegan it is a lot of work…. Don’t get me wrong it’s super amazing for your health if you do it right and my skin was literally glowing, but it’s too much work and I don’t have that much time to spear lately. My vegan journey taught me a lot in the sense of whats really good for you, what things are not as healthy as you think, and portion control. I Might just stick to eating chicken and seafood because I still can’t really eat red meat it grosses me out. Still haven’t had whole milk or things of that sort. But trying to keep most of my foods as plant based as I can. Been trying to stay confident and not discouraged, but it’s been hard. I’m trying to remain happy with my body and get back to my routine because I genuinely love being healthy and I  like working out. I just need to get a set schedule.
“Your motivation comes from WITHIN, no ONE can hand it to YOU, but no ONE can take it away EITHER
Sometimes we get caught up, but this is the main reason a lot of people don’t reach their goals because they loose consistency, ( Yes guilty) but I am back and willing to take a step back into my journey. We need to fall to rise and becoming stronger than what we were before.

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