Dear Resolutionist:


I know most of you are expecting to read a tutorial about why you should have new years resolutions and all these goals that you are expected to accomplish in the matter of 365 days. If that were the case I would have a list of more than 50 things I need to fix. But this article its not just about how I have neglected my blog or to tell you how I am going to turn myself around this year and leave all this negativity behind and the people that brought it into my life in 2017. This is a letter to all of you with New Year resolutions. I couldn’t have planned my year as well as I did 2017. I really though that everything was going to be perfect. I was going to graduate and loose 30lbs and get a job and life will be happily ever after. That was not the case; this year was a rude awakening to me. Even though I did accomplish some things, some I did not. I though all my little bullet points of 2017 were going go as planned but they didn’t. I learned this year that Sometimes we need to ride the wave of life instead of sticking to the steady waters. We should look at this New Year not as a start to a New Year but as a start to grow and better our selves and accept all these experiences these 365 days are willing to give us. Things might not go according to the timeline we prefer but things happen for a reason. We are the choices we make; we can control what we want our life to be. If you want something I truly believe that you can speak it into existence. Whether is negative or whether is positive. If you doubt yourself it will not happen if you are planting this seed of negativity in your mind. If you want something grind until you have it! Whether is a job, passing a test, making the basket or kissing the girl. Chase for it because no one will ever hand anything to you. In life we choose our own path. We create our own roads. Do not get to attach to an itinerary, or someone or something just live life everyday. You might have things you want to accomplish but just because it doesn’t happen exactly how you wanted doesn’t mean you haven’t succeeded! Lets make this year our own, don’t life your life through social media, or through others opinions. LIFE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU!! BECAUSE ONCE YOU FINALLY LET GO DOORS WILL OPEN!!



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