$oFlo Artist On The Rise:

There has been a spotlight that shines on South Florida lately when music is the topic of discussion.  More and more listeners from all over the country have been paying closer attention to South Florida Artist. Florida Rap has been on the rise. Whether it be through Kodak Black’s “Tunnel vision”, or Denzel curry’s Ultimate.” The reason I write this column is mainly that there are several Broward county artists who are very underrated. Most of these artist are my close friends and are extremely talented. I am writting article not just to promote these artist to my readers, but to celebrate and explore the talent that Boward county has to offer. These artists have all unique sounds and are growing as musicians. Here is my favorite upcoming artist in Broward Enjoy:


Element Jetson:

IMG_5565.JPG Favorite Musicians: Nas (the GOAT imo), A Tribe Called (my fave group) ,Kanye (greatest artist of our generation),Stevie Wonder, J Dilla, Timberland

Why Did You Choose to be a Musician?I’m just addicted to creating and I love symbolism. Rapping is just one medium I can channel my creativity through. But in the future I plan to do much more songwriting, music production, clothes design, fiction novels. tv sketches etc. I have so many different perceptions and opinions on things and I’d love to creatively express that as many ways as possible. But with music, I was just always surrounded by it. My parents grew up when hip hop was created and they would always play it around me since I was a baby. Then from middle school throughout highschool, I was in symphonic, marching, and jazz bands. So that is 100% the reason for my diversity in music production.

Plans for the Year: I’m going to be dropping my debut album in February, which I’m super hype for. Definitely want to perform more, and I want to try to work with as much artist from South Florida as possible.

Lyric:  “Should I let this dream killers kill my self esteem?Or use the arrogance as the steam to power my dreams” -Kanye West

Twitter & IG: @elementjetson

Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/elementjetson


Favorite Musicians:

Andre 3000, J Cole ,Kendrick, Drake, Kid Cudi , Future, DONT have a specific type tbh.

Why Did You Choose to be a Musician?Honestly I’ve always downloaded beats on my zune when those was in fashion. Used to listen to beats before beasketball games rather then music sometimes. Music is something that involves itself with everyone in society. My big brothers used to rap, so It just showed me that I can really do it and that’s when I decided to take my first initiative to write my first song.

Plans this year, Since my face is new to the scene, I will consistently release music and visuals, as well as book events  to help me network my way through this music business.

Favorite lyric: “Sigh, There is no such thing as a favorite lyric, because there are so many and ill be lying if i told you I had a favorite”

Twitter & IG: ”WeChoosewan”


Irie Reyna:

 lexFavorite musicians: Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Anderson Paak

Why did you choose to be a musician: I’ve always loved music. I chosed to give it my all and pursue it when I just got tired of being so far away from my passion. I’m not happy if I’m not making music. I don’t mind working my 40 hours as long as I can go home and do what I love. I’ve never been the person to have anything handed to me. I’m very blessed but it’s never just came without work. Once I got the opportunity to invest in myself, I took it and never looked back.

Your plans for this year: Im releasing my first EP!!!! It’s such a huge mark for me since I just started sharing my music almost a year ago on my birthday, 02/13/17. I’m focused on pushing my new music as much as possible, making more music, and meeting more of the crowd with performances. I have a show that will be announced in the next week with @Rnbae, and I’ll be sharing my EP on all major platforms like Apple Music & Spotify to be able to reach out to a wider audience. I’m also working on “The Irie Project” which is what I like to call, ‘a beginner’s attempt of enlightenment’. People think that just because they don’t witness the behind the scenes, that sh*t is sweet. I wish. I’m writing a piece called “Seeds 2 the Soul” to help those just trying to get through their day to day. I’m hoping to be the little voice in someone’s head to remind them that their efforts are worth it as long as they move with pure intentions. I feel like people are so caught up in so much BS the media is throwing at them these days, that I rather encourage people to just be themselves. I went through a period of time where I questioned ‘why’ and almost drove myself crazy. The best thing I ever did for myself was reflect on what i’m growing through, and let the rest GO! I’m just taking it all one day at a time. 

Your favorite lyric: “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind”

Twitter & IG: @iriereyna

Sound Cloud: soundcloud.com/iriereynamusic


Keiffer Anthony:


Favorite artist:kei.jpeg
Damian Marley, Pharrell Williams, wiz khalifa, and kid cudi.

-Why did you choose to be a musician: Because it’s my passion it’s what I love to do. My family has been into music all my life esp my dad. He was always doing reggae gigs for local events. I also look up to my uncle “Mikey bassie” who has collabed with brittney spears and many more.

-Your plans for this year: Are looking good. I have a couple EP with a few special artist that I will release on all streaming media such as Apple Music and Spotify. Also my team LostBoyzNDO (NoDaysOff) will release an album as well. Lots of shows lined up and great promotion team to expand the brand.

-Your favorite lyric: “I’ve had a lot of hardships and pain but this feeling right here doesn’t feel the same. Some things you just can not explain, man it’s really hard just to maintain”. Reason I chose this lyric is because I made it for my friend who recently passed away so it feels very organic.

-Twitter: @KeifferAnthony

-Instagram: @Keiffer_Anthony

-Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/keifferanthony

Tony G:


-Favorite Musicians: Nas, Kid Cudi, Wiz, Lil Wayne

Why you chose to be a musician: To create and win Grammy’s

-Your favorite lyric: “Instead of worrying about who that bitch fuckin, why don’t you get you some money”

-Instagram @tonyg2g & @g2grecords

-Twitter: @Tonygizzzle

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tonygizzzle



Chan A-V:

chan.png-Your favorite musicians: Björk, Trent Reznor, Amy Winehouse, Snarky Puppy, A Tribe Called Quest, Dream Theater, Portishead, Intronaut, Too Short, Michael Jackson, Rage Against the Machine, Roni Size, Between The Buried and Me, George Duke, Thundercat, Pet Shop Boys and so much more.

Why did you choose to be a musician: I didn’t choose to be a musician, it chose me. 

Your plans for this year: To keep creating and to collaborate with more local artists.

Your favorite lyric : “Bow down before the one you serve. You’re going to get what you deserve.”

Twitter: @producedbychan.

-Instagram: @prodbychan

SoundCloud: SoundCloud.com/prodbychan

Young Walt:

Favorite artists: drake, lil wayne, bone thugs n harmony, nav, kanye west, travis scott, and the list continues i find inspiration off any artist i just enjoy all music.
Why you chose to be a musician: I’ve been rapping and doing music since the age of 9. Reason I started doing music was because for me it was the best way to express myself.  Music always helped me get through different situations so I hope one day my music will do that for someone.

Your plans for this year: Currently working on a collab project with @moneygutcrash which will drop later this year. And just to do more shows and drop more visuals.

Favorite lyric: “ I spend my time trying to out do what hasn’t been done “ – Drake stunt hard And pretty much every wayne bar he the goat

Twitter/IG: @_yungwalt_ 
Sound cloud: soundcloud.com/yungwaltmusic

John Luis: 


Favorite musicians: Kanye West, chris brown, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, childish gambino

Why did i choose to be a musician: I’ve been dancing since i was about 5 years old so i fell in love with the fact that i can connect with music on a physical level. As i got older i started to dive into poetry and that lead to songwriting. When i hear certain melodies and the passion behind a voice i legit tear up! And I  would love to make someone else feel like that with just using a single voice, because that’s when you know you’ve touched hearts and triggered someone internally which is incredible. And this is the way i connect with music on a emotional level now.
Plans for the yearI will continue to write music for some of Your favorite artist and land some placements that will hopefully lead to radio! But I’m also focusing on dropping my own EP titled “Life After Love” that should drop close to summer time. But in the near future, look out for my new single titled “Tension” which will drop February!
Favorite lyric:  That’s almost impossible to ask someone in the music industry cause we hear and write so much of It that it doesn’t even seem fair to just choose one! But just to answer the question I’ll say one of my favorite Kanye lines! “So if the devil wear prada Adam eve wear nada I’m in between but wait more fresha”
Twitter & IG:Johnluisofficial

Edward Ponton Jr:

ed.jpegFavorite Artist: Michael Jackson, Usher, Luther Vandross, Trick daddy and his Miami flavor has all had an influence on my music and that’s leaving out so many other great musicians who’s played a major part on my sound. Everyday I’m inspired by something or someone different.

-Why did i choose to be a musician: Music has always been apart of my life. I remember being a jit and mimicking James Brown, imagining myself in videos. My mother was the driving force behind me becoming a singer. I used to be extremely shy when I was young and she would have me perform for all of her co workers to break me out of my shyness and to show off what she calls my God given talent. I was born missing a main artery from my kidneys to my heart, where doctors proclaimed that I wouldn’t be able to walk or talk past the age of two and the fact that I could sing, I owe it all to the man above. Music chose me.

Favorite lyric: Haha “I just fucked yo bitch, in some Gucci flip flops! 🤘🏿”


DC Da Cove:



Favorite ArtistDrake, Kanye West, Migos, Jeezy, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Aloe Blacc, The Weekend, BrunoMars, Maroon 5,
Portugal.The Man.

-Why did i choose to be a musician: 
-PiLLz: I always loved music, I use to make beats with pens and pencils on the table at school lol. They use to call me a DJ because of that. I started looking more into that. Wanted to be like another DJ Khaled. Unfortunately all that equipment cost alot and i said forget that and started to write music with MeNAcE.I made the group DC Da CovE. A Group that got up to 7 artists 5 rappers and 2 singers. As time went by life kind of hit everyone differently and hence why its only 2 of us now. For the love of music is why I continue to a musician.

-VaderMeNAcE: I have always had a passion for music. I am amazed by the emotion that someone can receive just from hearing someone rap, sing or simply hearing a melody. I remember one of my first emotional experiences with music was with Cuban Links “Flowers For The Dead”, and I remember just bawling because it made me think of my grandmother who had passed around that time, and I wanted to do that. We want to make people feel something, thats not just about Guns or Drugs.

-My plans this year with music:
My plans are to release new music and music videos to start to get a bigger fan base. Trying to get a strong foundation by networking with new and exciting people.
 -My favorite lyric:
PiLLz: “Only god can judge me who the fuck are you” – Jeezy

VaderMeNAcE: “Only GOD Can Judge Me, So Im Gone. Either Love Me or Leave Me Alone” -Jay-Z

Social media @ names: @pillz_dc (ig) @_vader_skywalker_ (ig)

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dcdacove

Destro Mental: David Damon Gonzalez



By Alvaro Jaraba:

David Damon Gonzalez
Destro Mental
David Dope
Destro Dope
He chose music cause he was an artist and would try anything and master it
“Mind, body, soul, guap let’s get rich!”
“Ignorance is bliss and the youth is always blinded”
“Now is the time knowledge is life ain’t shit free in this world, I’m just tryna free my mind”

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/destromental

One of the most talented humans in Broward. He was diverse and passionate when it came to any art form. REST IN PEACE #LONGLIVEDESTRO Forever in Our HEARTS 







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