Facing My Fear:

Today I finally decided to post my current progress picture and my goal picture of what I want to get back to. I honestly been avoiding this post, but Bryan said it is important to face my biggest insecurities in order to be transparent to my reader and myself. I always look at old pictures … Continue reading Facing My Fear:

Sunday Funday!

Hope everyone enjoyed their lazy Sunday. Today I ended my first week starting this journey. I feel good, and I can feel my body changing by eating healthy and working out. After my workout this morning, I decided to have a pool day with my family. After last time going to the beach about two … Continue reading Sunday Funday!


Hi to all my readers! Hope everyone is excited that the weekend has started. Today I weigh myself.. which has to be the most dreadful couple seconds. But my weight right now is 190. I felt very down after. I did some research and sometimes we shouldn't focus to much of weight but on muscle … Continue reading Fri-Yay!

Rest day: 

Evening wonderful humans! Today I had two interviews so pray for me that they went well. My knee has been killing me so I decided to take a rest day. As I mentioned in my workout page I will be taking two rest days every week. So I will be doing legs tomorrow and doing … Continue reading Rest day: