You don’t inspire others by being perfect. You inspire them by how you deal with your imperfections.


This week’s feature is my wonderful big sis Erin marsh, She is one of the most influential women in my life so I hope she Inspire you too.


Instagram: @Enmarsh2

FullSizeRender.jpg-1To me I have never had body image issues I always had self-confidence, it wasn’t until I stop playing softball and got into an abusive relationship where my self-confidence drop completely. I work every day at learning to loving myself, I try to remind myself every day when I look in the mirror that the only person I need to be better than is the person I was yesterday. I’m no expert on weight loss or work out, all I try to do is just every day just love myself, my body my personality, my life. My advice to anyone  going through a hard time with self-love and self-confidence, is to put positive quote posters around your house and close to help you remember every day starting today, to start with a fresh mind and a positive energy. It isn’t about being skinny and having big boobs or butt, what it’s about is being able to be yourself in your own skin realizing no one else would like you in the world like you do. You are one of a kind. That is an amazing and beautiful thing. Never compare yourself to anyone because you’re going to be let down every time it is never going to be enough for yourself. Self-love is a mess love and you have to love yourself and know yourself before you can love and accomplish anything else in this life.

My second Feature is a  dear friend of mine who puts work in overtime she goes to the gym! she is dedicated & committed  to the gym ❤


Instagram: @_Josselync


Hello everyone my name is Josselyn and I’m going to tell you guys a little bit about myself and how having a healthy lifestyle is important to me. Working out has helped me in so many ways, I’m more energetic and actually enjoy going to the gym with my best friend. Everyday, I look forward to do my Zumba class and later on start my workout for that day. Rollerblading is my ultimate favorite. I also enjoy eating healthy meals although I cheat once in a while but I always try to just hit the gym harder the next day. I’m not going to lie, most of my motivation comes is so I can feel better about myself but I mostly do it for my health. I’m so proud of my beautiful friend Angie on opening up on her journey and I know she’ll accomplish anything she puts her mind to.





My Third Feature is not only one of my best friends but one of my wonderful sorority sisters. She is dedicate to health, fitness, and nutrition that she has made it her Major in college.  She also has a fitgram called @2GIRLS1TRACK  so deff check it out.


Instagram: @ebruchal


There are many reasons why I think fitness and wellbeing is important. It makes people feel better about themselves, it reduces stress and it improves ones self. To me, fitness is a bit more. It makes me more confident in myself. I’ve learned in classes that numbers on a scale don’t matter, it’s how you personally feel about, not just how you look, but psychologically as well. When I up my weight at the gym or see an improvement, I feel better about myself because I’m stronger than I was before; but I don’t get discouraged when I don’t see a difference on the scale. I think that’s what is messed up with society now in days; “fit” people must not weight much, or you hear young girls or women say “I want to be skinny”. I myself would rather weigh 150 of pure muscle and healthy than be 120 and unhealthy. “She believed she could so she did” is my favorite quote that I live by every day. It reminds me that even though I might get discouraged sometimes, if I just fight through it I’ll get to where I want to be, and not to give up.


Hey Guys! I know it has been a while but here is my fourth inspirational feature. She is also one of my sorority sisters, She is an amazing leader and a great student. She collabs with Emily Bruchal in their fitgram called @2GIRLS1TRACK.



Instagram: @nicooligan



What I love about fitness is that it gives me a sense of power over my circumstances in life. There is so much that happens that is out of ones ability to control, but working out and eating healthy is completely up to me. Growing up I was competitive in cheerleading, cross country, and track & field. Through those experiences I was able to witness what incredible acts the body can be capable of. I was blessed with an able body and don’t take that for granted, so that’s why I feel it’s so important for me to continue training and gaining strength. My mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was two years old, which is a incurable disease that affects the nervous system’s ability communicate, she always reminds me how lucky I am to have legs that can move so I do my best to make the most of them. We are only gifted one body to take us through this journey of life so we have to continue taking good care of it. A healthy body creates a space for a healthy mind to flourish. Life can throw a lot of curveballs so whenever I find myself feeling hopeless or defeated I find solace in fitness and remind myself of this quote: “Self-care is how you take your power back.” -Lalah Delia.